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"proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof "
Leviticus 25:10
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Who we are and what we do:
American Sons of Liberty is a pro-Constitutional conservative action organization. We see the threats from within our state and federal capitols & courtrooms against our Constitution and our Constitutional rights as the "New American Crisis". We also believe that collectively, the people of the United States of America can uphold and defend the Constitution when our elected officials, government, media, and all other entities fail to do so. We do this through orderly, law abiding, and effective political activism, lobbying, litigation, and of course, education.

What makes ASL different?
American Sons of Liberty have no ties to any political party or entity. We pledge no allegiance except to the United States of America and our Constitution.
ASL does not run on one issue, topic, or platform. An assault on our opposition's freedom of speech is every bit as serious as an assault on our allies second amendment rights.
This adds immense strength to our effectiveness!

Join Today!
If you have not done so already, we urge you to support the American Sons of Liberty. Add your strength to ours and help with the ongoing development in becoming America's premier force in the preservation of American Liberty.

Membership Application

More information:



  • You will receive email alerts and ASL quarterly newsletters, packed with the latest information you  will need to protect your personal Liberty, including your right to bear arms.

  • Opportunities within Partnerships between the American Sons of Liberty and other organizations whose purpose is to preserve the Constitution and your Rights.

  • You will always be informed of new member benefits and Partnerships as they become available.

  • Don't go unheard!
    Surveys and polls that will give YOU a voice in Congress, the White House, and the news media. You will be kept informed of the results from each survey and poll, and the responses they generate from Washington, the President, and the media.

  • You will be a key part of an organization that is rapidly becoming America's premier force in the preservation of American Liberty.

  • Your information is confidential.

  • As a Junior member or college student, you  will receive personalized assistance through the American Sons of Liberty American History Research Institute for historically accurate information for your schoolwork and reports!

Lifetime Partnerships-

  • You will receive, in addition to all benefits listed in  yearly Partnerships, voting rights. That means as a lifetime American Sons of Liberty partner, you will have a voice in which direction to move the organization in as situations arise and as opportunities and change are presented.

  • You will play a key role in shaping this organization to continue our course in becoming America's premier force in the preservation of American Liberty.

  • Your choice of convenient monthly payments!

    Membership Application

Membership Options:

Currently, you can make secure payments of membership dues by credit or debit card through our 128-bit SSL secure server.
If you do not use a credit or debit card, we can make arrangements for you to make payment with a check or money order. The option is available on the membership application and we will contact you with more info.

You may choose to make convenient monthly payments  for lifetime partnerships.

Membership Options


  • $35.00 per year

  • $85.00 3 year membership-save $20.00!

Seniors, Veterans, Active Military and College Students:

  • $30.00 per year

  • $70.00 3 year membership-save $20.00!

Family Memberships:
(One Household)

  • $120.00 per year

  • $310.00 3 year membership-save $50.00!

Junior Members:
(up to age 18)

  • $22.00 per year

Lifetime Partnerships
Easy Monthly Payments Available!
Contact us for details

  • $475.00 Ages 18-39

  • $370.00 Ages 40-59

  • $320.00 60+, Disabled Vets, Active Military

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